Throwback Thursdays & Flashback Fridays

The most exciting part of the trip was being able to visit all the different castles in each country. It amazes me how much history Scandinavia has including terrorism that has taken place.  Scandinavians take pride in everything they accomplish and overcome. I have a high respect for them as individuals for them to perform the highest level of patriotism.


One thing I would change about the trip was the length of stay in each country. I wish that I would have been able stay in Norway and Sweden more. Norway was vibrant and welcoming. Sweden was an exploration and beautiful.

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One valuable lesson that I took away from the trip was value yourself and who you are. The littlest things, such as your hair that you take for granted is greatly appreciated by others. Therefore, you should love the skin you in. Also, always be your best and remain humble. You never know when someone is truly watching you. Your actions can affect whether someone will critique or congratulate you that will benefit you in the long room.




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